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Summer Letter Home

23 July 2018 (by Ben Mottram (mottrb))

The headteacher has sent a Letter home with important information about term dates, School uniform and behaviour policies.

20 July 2018
Dear Parent/Guardian
A reminder of some key dates:

School will officially end on Tuesday 24 July 2018 at 1.10pm, buses collecting pupils at 1.30pm
School will restart on Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 8.30am.

A level results will be available from 9.00am on Thursday 16 August 2018

GCSE results will be available from 9.00am on Thursday 23 August 2018

We have had two visits from Estyn this year, February and July. Both were positive experiences with good progress made in all recommendations. The process will continue next year with the focus remaining on continued improvements in teaching and learning.

As always there have been some notable pupil achievements this year; 

In sport, Jenson Ball finished in the top 6 of the British Gymnastics Championships, Ashton Fish represented Wales in Athletics, Rhys Bartlett represented Wales in Volleyball, Ewan Hall, Chelsea Jones, Bethany Merchant and Aaliyah Thomas represented the Dragons Rugby, Kalum Phillips and Sam Robbins represented Rhymney Valley at Rugby and Joe Sims represented the prestigious Welsh Academicals at Rugby.

George Davies and Molly Morgan were shortlisted for the innovation awards in Design and Technology, their work was displayed at the WJEC innovation awards. Molly has been selected from this shortlist as one of the best 10 AS/A level awards this year.

Ethan Phillips was selected to attend a 4 day Engineering workshop at the University of South Wales.

Alfie Pole won the BTM Community Music Award.

Ella Bailey has been selected for a ‘trip of a lifetime’ visit to explore the Galapagos Islands.

Caitlin Davies has won a place at Oxford University to study French.
Well done to all these students.

As a result of changes in staffing Mr Williams will be moving to lead the wellbeing team next year. As part of this process, he is leading a review of the uniform policy and classroom engagement and behaviour.

The full policy will be shared with all parents in September and shared with students in a range of assemblies.

As an introduction, some reminders can be found overleaf.

Thank you for your support this year, we all hope you have a very pleasant summer and look forward to seeing all students on Tuesday 4 September 2018.

Peter Ward
The school uniform policy is clearly indicated on the website and specific items are available via ‘All Wear Solutions’ in Bedwas. Pupils choosing not to follow protocols in September will be removed from lessons and sanctioned accordingly until such a time that they are willing and able to comply. Some areas that may need further clarification are as follows:
* Only plain black footwear will be allowed in school. No coloured outsoles, stripes, text or logos upon footwear will be accepted.
* Ties must be worn appropriately by all students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13.
* School trousers must be black and cannot be made of denim, or take the appearance or cut of jeans, with pocket studs for example. Leggings, jeggings and shorts are not acceptable items of uniform. Please be aware that many ‘Back to School’ uniform sections of national retail chains do not comply with our codes in this respect.
* Girls choosing to wear black skirts must ensure that length is suitable as formal wear and no more than 10cm above the bottom of their knee. Black tights are expected in all but very hot summer conditions. (Identified by the headteacher for a short period of time.)
* Jewellery must be limited to one small earring in the lower lobe of each ear, one watch and one small flat signet ring. (Bracelets and necklaces for particular medical needs will be permitted.)
* All facial piercings, false eyelashes and acrylic nail extensions of any kind are strictly prohibited.
* Extreme hairstyles and abnormal hair colours will not be permitted on the school site.
Classroom engagement and behaviour:
To ensure lessons have the best possible impact upon learning for our students, we will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to disruption of learning or jeopardising opportunities for our students. Following consultation with staff, students and parents; the school is reviewing its classroom behaviour protocols for 2018-19. Some of the key changes will be as follows:
* A simple and clear three step approach to any classroom disruption. All students have an understanding of how to behave appropriately, and explicitly know what good behaviour for learning looks like in a classroom. They are expected to take responsibility for their own actions.
* Step 1. A verbal warning will be given to any pupil disrupting any aspect of the teaching and learning process.
* Step 2. A second and final warning will be given to any students unable to moderate their behaviour following the initial warning. At this point, the class teacher will be given authority to move a pupil to another desk or location within their classroom or their department. This second warning will be accompanied by a detention of an appropriate length administered by the class teacher in collaboration with their Head of Department.
* Step 3. Failure to comply with a second warning will result in a student’s removal from class by a senior member of staff. The student will be placed within the schools INEX provision where they will spend 5 full lessons. Included in these 5 lessons will be a lunchtime detention administered on the same day as the initial removal. For student removals during lesson 5 (after lunch), the detention will be served the following day after a morning within the provision. All parents of students who reach step 3, and are removed from lessons will be informed by text message.
* With cases of severe disruption, students can be moved to step 2 or step 3 immediately by their class teachers. A list of behaviours associated with these accelerated moves will be shared with both pupils and parents in September, at the start of the new school year. With these changes in mind, can I ask that you support the school by ensuring that all students (especially those in KS4 who choose to eat lunch off site) have a cashless canteen card that can be utilised if a lunchtime detention is issued?