The English department would like to congratulate the below pupils for their engagement with Google classroom this week:

7E: Alban Jeffery

8C: David Dimond and Riley Webster

10e4: Comfort Wilkins

11e4: James Draper and Louise Gordon


7D- Tom Evans and Logan Johnson

9B- Callum Richards 

10E2- Lauren Jenkins

11E2-Jessica Taylor

12-Catrin/Isabel/Ellie T/Scarlett/Seren W/Ellie W


7A - Sophie Grist

9D - Jessie Cooper

10 - Caitlin Griffiths

11 - Corri-Jo Greenslade

12 - Catrin/Isabel Bryant/Ellie Thomas/Scarlett Killin/Seren Ward/Ellie Weston

13 – Lauren Powell/Kacey Idzi


8E Carys Workman

10E Polly Marshall, Yasmin Hadid, Corey Leggatt, Carey Neale

11E Halle Davies-Stallard, Carys Lawrence


7C Cai Bolton

8B Madison Bryant

8D Sophie Warry

9E Isabella Prior and Isabelle Francis

105 Tahlia Williams

Well done to Indiana Griffiths year 10 for an excellent example of collage techniques

Language Learners of the Week

Congratulations to Elicia Hall Year 10, a fabulous piece of work!

Congratulations to  Lois Fry year 9 for her Drawings from Digital portrait collages

A great piece of work by Eve Bellamy,  Year 10. History revision task.

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HUGE congratulations to Ben Owen & Lewis Willets for running 100km in January and raising £2822 for Ty Hafan. Well done boys!!

Well done to Carys Lawrence Year 11 for her Collage

Mr Williams would like to congratulate Sophie Warry in 8D for her excellent work on tornadoes this week.

A big shout out to James Draper who came into school this week on his 16th birthday to complete his Level 2 work with Mrs Clash. Well done James!

Mrs Melling would like to congratulate Tyler Williams, who has worked quietly and conscientiously in the hub. Great attitude to work, Tyler!