Medical Needs

The school has adopted the LEA’s policy on First Aid and will follow the guidelines on the administration of prescribed medicines and medical treatment in schools.

The school is committed to providing sufficient numbers of First Aid personnel to deal with accidents and injuries occurring at work. These First aiders will work on a daily rota system where three first aiders at least will be available each day. The rota is kept in the Main office and they will assign one of the first aiders on call to the incident.

Parents will be informed of any incident where a serious injury has occurred or a head injury, where the first aider considers it necessary for the pupil to be monitored at home or needs to be taken to the doctors/hospital for investigation or further treatment.

When a pupil joins the school, parents are asked to complete a medical form. This information is used to produce a medical register which is issued to all senior staff and all first aiders. It is the responsibility of all Parents to inform the school of their son/daughters medical needs and to update the school if these needs change.

If the pupil has serious medical needs then a second more detailed form must be completed and a risk assessment and Health Care Plan produced by the school/LEA. A serious medical needs register with photographs is available to all staff. In the event of any of these pupils becoming ill, a First Aider will be called for immediately.

If the pupil is in need of medication during the day then the Parent must complete a permission form before the school staff can undertake the administration of that medication. It is the responsibility of parent to make sure enough medication is available and that it is in date.

 First Aiders receive regular training to renew their qualifications and will be sent on specialised training events in order to meet the needs of the pupils.

In the event that you wish to notify the school of any medical conditions for your child please complete and return the form listed below. In the event that you wish to discuss any concern further please contact Mrs T Elms (School Business Manager and Health & Safety Officer)


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Last update: 2019-09-16