Results day arrangements 2020


Bedwas High School

Results Day Arrangements – August 2020


Given the abrupt ending of schooling for Year 11, 12 and 13 we have decided to give the students the option of collecting their results safely in school or having them sent to them by email. As some of our students have indicated that they would prefer to collect their grades in person, we have worked on a plan to do this in a socially distanced manner.


Students who have indicated that they would like to receive their grades by email should not come on to the school site to collect their grades as our systems will be specifically designed for the students who have indicated that they want to pick them up in school.


Please note that we have been instructed not to release our internal grades to students or parents during this process. As this advice has not changed, we will not be providing this data on the GCSE and A-Level Results Days. As such, students will only receive a report listing the grades that have been decided upon by the Exam Boards – and these grades may be different from those that we submitted at the start of this process.


For GCSE students, it is important to note that all A-level subjects require at least a C grade to continue with their subject in Year 12 and for some it will be a B grade. Therefore there is an ‘entry’ requirement to determine Sixth Form admission.


The plan is based on the current available guidance and advice from Welsh Government, Local Authority and has been written following onsite Health and Safety visits. The plan below will allow the school to comply with the Welsh Government Coronavirus Act 2020 – particularly in relation to Physical (Social) Distancing in Schools and Workplaces. It has been written following discussions with Local Authority representatives, the Senior Leadership Team, the Chair of Governors and staff.

This plan has been produced to ultimately enable a safe pick-up of results for students and allow for conversations and support from key staff with regards courses and future destinations. 

Collection or Email of Results

We entirely understand that some students would rather not collect results in person. Results can be emailed to a student’s email address towards the end of the results day (after 2pm). To do this you must inform us by completing the form (

Hard copies of results will not be posted out on/after or prior to results day.

All of the Bedwas High School Senior Leadership Team (including Mrs Hudson) as Mr Morgan and our Careers Advisor will be on hand to help with any queries that students may have. Unfortunately for safety/hygiene reasons no other teacher will be present on the day.



All staff and learners must wash their hands using the sanitiser or hand basins at every opportunity. Pupils and staff should wash hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Staff should also ensure learners are reminded of effective handwashing techniques. Regular handwashing is to be undertaken including:

  • on arrival at and when leaving the school or setting
  • before and after handling food
  • after people blow their nose, sneeze or cough.


Learners and staff should cough or sneeze into their elbow. Insofar as it is possible, they should be encouraged not to touch their face, especially when using a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze.

Staff will also be mindful of the physical environment and how this can be managed to support the health and well-being of learners and staff, for instance keeping windows open to let in fresh air and ensuring there is natural sunlight. The airflow and ventilation will be increased wherever possible.

Social Distancing


It is imperative we ensure social distancing and hygiene arrangements are in place and supported. This is so we keep staff and pupils safe and well, but also all their families. Safety measures help ensure that the chain of infection is broken. It is important for staff to remember that social distancing applies to their interactions with other staff as well as learners: it is easy to forget this.

Wherever possible pupils and staff will ensure social distancing of two metres. We will:

  • Avoid multiple groups of students sharing the same space or gathering without cleaning
  • Avoiding multiple groups of learners from interacting or having the opportunity to mix
  • To avoid increasing the risk of transmission between groups, we will provide students with a particular time to pick results up and from a particular gate/entry


Pupil Collection of results entry and exit from school site


  • GCE (A-Level, AS-Level & L3 BTEC) Results will be available for collection on Thursday 13th August 2020 during these time slots: Year 13: 9:00am –11:00am. Year 12: 11:30am –1:00pm
  • GCSE Results (for Year 11 pupils) will be available for collection on Thursday 20th of August 2019 from 9:00am –11:30am.
  • For both results days, students will be informed that they are to enter the school site from one of three areas in the school (see map below). Students will be informed by text of the time and gate from which they are to collect their results.
  • Mrs Hudson and Mr Stancombe will be on hand to help with important decisions that may need to be made regarding university placements for year 13 students. Mr Morgan and Mrs Hudson will be available to support any important decisions that may need to be made regarding Sixth Form and College applications.
  • Only pupils in Year 11, 12 and 13 will be permitted to pick up their results in person on results day.
  • Each pupil is permitted to bring one parent/carer or chose adult with them.
  • There is to be no gathering of pupils or adults on the school site or nearby.
  • Entry to site will be strictly reserved for pupils attending to collect results. Other pupils/parents/carers or other visitors will not be authorised to enter the campus without prior appointment/agreement.
  • Collection of results will be staggered. Individual students will be provided with an arrival time and arrival point (one of three school gates).  Each gate will have a results desk/area assigned to it for the student to collect their results from. This must be strictly adhered to. A member of (senior) staff will register individual pupils at the gate and direct them to their allocated results desk. 
  • Students are to enter the school through the requested gate, following the signs to the requested results desk/area. If the weather is suitable then this will be outside, if not then this will be inside. Please note, you may have to wait in a queue before collecting results, please ensure a safe distance is maintained when waiting to be called in. A one-way system will be in place.
  • Students’ results envelopes will be in alphabetical order according to your surname. Once the students have checked their results they might want to discuss them with a teacher. Mr Morgan, Mrs Hudson and other members of the leadership team will be available to support all students.
  • Exit protocols will mirror those for entry. Pupils MUST not congregate with friends/family after exiting the premises.
  • Pupils will sanitise hands on both entry to and exit of the school and their results desk/area.
  • Key members of staff (such as the Careers Advisor, Mrs Hudson and Mr Morgan) will be available in the school hall for sixth form registration, course advice, etc. No other member of staff will be on the school site.
  • Pupils will only be allowed access to their results area, the toilets or the hall for The toilets in A and C Block will be open. No other part of the school will be available for access.
  • Pupils are to abide to the set 2-metre interval from others when in the school site.
  • The school will be operating a clear one-way system as signposted and marked in all teaching blocks. 


Site and Result Collection processes - summary

  • Members of the leadership team will be at each gate to welcome and guide students to the correct results desk/block.
  • Student results envelopes will be in alphabetical order according to surname. The student is to check their results and then might want to discuss them with a teacher. Mr Morgan, Mrs Hudson and other members of the leadership team will be available in specified rooms to support all students.
  • Once results have been collected/teachers spoken to, all students along with their parent/carer/chosen adult must exit the building and school site using the required door and gate.
  • Enrolment to our 6th form will be in the school hall/gym.


Appeals of results:

Once you have received your results, you will have the right to:

  • Ask your centre (Bedwas High School) to check whether an error has been made when submitting a centre assessment grade and including students in the centre’s rank order.
  • Raise a complaint to the centre (school) if a student has evidence of bias or that they have been discriminated against; this evidence could also be passed on to the exam board who could investigate for potential malpractice.
  • Appeal against the centre decision to not to seek any information the awarding body holds that would be needed for an appeal; and/or not to appeal to the awarding body.


The process for the appeals will be found within your results envelope or attached to the email that will be sent to you on results day.


Bedwas High Sixth Form Enrolment:

We very much hope that students will be enrolling in person on GCSE results day on Thursday 20th August. However, in case government recommendations still limit in-person access to schools, we will develop an online enrolment system. If we are using the online system a link will be sent to all Bedwas High Sixth Form applicants on the morning of GCSE results day. If we can enrol students in person we will ask students to meet with a member of the senior leadership team to complete the enrolment process. Students will be directed to their meeting within the main hall once they have picked up their GCSE results.

Certificate Collection:

Certificates will be available for collection on Wednesday 2nd December 2020. For students enrolled in the 6th Form you can collect your certificates during lunch break from reception. For those of you not in our Sixth Form, certificates can be collected at 15:15pm –17:30pm from reception. If you do not attend please note any certificates not collected on this day will be kept for 1 year and then securely destroyed. If you would like your certificates posted please provide the school with a pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope so we can send them to you via post.

Site Entrances/Organisation

Safety Precautions – Summary

  • One way system is in operation throughout the school with floor arrows spaced at two metre intervals.
  • Signs around the school reinforcing social distancing and good hygiene.
  • Sanitiser /antibacterial gel available in every results/meeting area for use on entry and exit and as required.
  • Gates to be manned by the leadership team whenever open.
  • Entrance to each block is through a clearly marked double door that automatically opens due to a sensor. One way markings and 2 meter distance on the corridor floors reinforce social distancing rules
  • Signs regarding social distancing and hygiene and other reminders are throughout the school.
  • There will be an allocated arrival time for each pupil – this must be adhered to. This will reduce congestion and ensure we can safely socially distance.
  • There will be a one-way system across the school. Markings and signs will be visible inside and outside the school for the protection of everyone and to reduce congestion and ensure we can safely socially distance.
  • All students and parents/carers will be encouraged and reminded to socially distance when on the school site. Tables / Chairs / Furniture will be arranged 2 meters apart. Doors that are not fire doors will be kept open to reduce any touch points.
  • It is important to remember that physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene (catching a cough or sneeze in a tissue or covering the mouth and nose with an elbow or sleeve) remain strongly evidenced to be the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hand hygiene is critical before and after all direct contact with a child or young person, and after cleaning equipment and the environment.
  • Stand back and wait policy inside the school for adults and children in corridors – No children should experience passing in corridors due to the one-way system although stand back and wait will still apply.
  • Hand cleaning and sanitising materials in all rooms – materials will be checked daily by cleaning staff/the caretaker.
  • Surfaces in all rooms are to be kept as clear as possible at all times within all areas.
  • Fire Procedure unchanged but when lining up on yard – distance lines rather than close together – this has been checked with Health and Safety.