Year 9


Standards Manager

Mrs. Leanne Hillman-King

Form Tutors

9E - Mrs L Muller

9D - Mr R Gliniany

9C - Miss S J Heath

9B - Mrs R Hill

9A - Miss J Braine

About Year 9

The primary focus in Year 9 is, as always, about academic progress in all subjects. It is really important that students keep on top of their learning to ensure that they have no gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Year 9 provides the building blocks of success for the final GCSE exams.


Your child’s academic progress is important to us at Bedwas High School. Students are expected to display an excellent approach to learning in lessons in order to strive to reach their potential, including completing work outside of the classroom. Students are well supported through this academic journey through regular tracking and reviewing. At the end of each term students progress will be measured through subject monitoring allowing for academic review meetings to take place

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