Welcome to our virtual Open Evening for Summer 2022. 

Transition is a part of life we all deal with in our own ways. To make transition easier for students and parents/carers alike, communication is vital. At Bedwas High School we understand the importance of keeping everyone involved in the transition process and we aim to make this a positive experience for all involved. Some of our aims during transition are:

  • Preparing for change
  • Building confidence
  • Working as a team
  • Assisting learning, social and intellectual development

To give you an introduction and more information about our school we have created some videos for you to watch. These include: 

  • A welcome and introduction from our Headteacher, Mr S Diehl 
  • Information about the curriculum and teaching & learning from our Deputy Headteacher, Ms G Steel 
  • Pupil progress, reports and parents evening will be presented by our Senior Assistant Headteacher, Mr T Stancombe 
  • Wellbeing systems and processes will be presented by our Assistant Headteacher, Mr G Williams 
  • Mrs H Thomas who monitors and supports Year 7 students academically as their ‘Standards Manager’ will talk you through her role. 
  • Additional Learning needs and Learning Support will be explained by Mr J Ashford.
  • Each Year 7 Form Tutor will introduce themselves, so you can familiarise yourself with your child’s Form Tutor, they will see and support the pupils every day. The Form Tutors are Miss S Heath, Mrs J Bowen, Miss S Foley, Mrs L Roberts and Miss N Waller. 
  • Question and Answer video to respond to the questions posted to us. 




Bedwas High School Transition Challenge
Transition Booklet
Mr S Diehl - Headteacher
Ms G Steel - Deputy Headteacher
Mr T Stancombe
Mr G Williams
Mrs H Thomas
Mr J Ashford
Mrs J Bowen
Miss S Foley
Mrs L Roberts
Miss S J Heath
Miss N Waller