The Curriculum at Bedwas High School


Our aim is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that is accessible and engaging to all students. We have planned our curriculum to ensure that it develops the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes which are necessary for each student to achieve their full potential. The curriculum prepares students for further study, employment and adult life.


The curriculum aims to enable all students to

  • achieve the very best standards in all subject areas;
  • develop skills which help prepare them for life; and
  • become lifelong learners


We take every opportunity to ensure all students, regardless of ability, make the best progress possible and achieve the highest possible standards in subjects and qualifications. We strive to narrow the gaps in achievement and enable those not achieving age-related expectations to catch up with their peers. Our ALNCo works closely with all faculties, in order to support students so that they all have access to the curriculum. The school challenges more able and talented students so that they achieve their full potential and their progress is sustained and enhanced. We make certain that all young people develop the skills and abilities needed for success in life and can apply them in a wide range of contexts.


Teaching groups are arranged as broad ability groups on admission in Year 7. These bands are fluid, and are determined by academic progress, measured through three snapshots and a more formal report throughout the year.  


Curriculum Organisation

We deliver the National Curriculum at Year 7 and 8 and fulfil the requirements of the Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure 2009. Pupils start their GCSE courses in Year 9, they choose their options in the Spring/Summer term of Year 8.

At Years 7 and 8 the school curriculum consists of

  • Core subjects: English, Welsh, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Religious Education;
  • Non-core subjects: International Languages, Design Technology, ICT, History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, PSE (including relationship and sex education) and Careers and the World of Work.

At Years 9 - 11 the school curriculum consists of

  • Compulsory subjects: English language and English literature, Welsh (second language), Mathematics: Numeracy, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Physical Education (Games) and Welsh Baccalaureate;
  • PSE (including relationship and sex education) and Careers and the World of work; and
  • A broad range of academic and vocational courses leading to external qualifications (based on demand). 

At Year 12 and 13 (Sixth Form) the sixth form is run as a consortium with two local schools in order to maximise the curriculum opportunities to better support our students. This collaboration is called the Caerphilly Basin Partnership. The sixth form curriculum consists of

  • A broad range of courses leading to external qualifications; and
  • All students follow the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification (WBQ), unless they are studying for 4 A-levels.
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