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Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

A child or young person has ALN if they have a learning difficulty or disability, which calls for additional learning provision to be made for him or her. At Bedwas High School, we are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of all students in order to allow them to arrive at and exceed their potential. Our ALN and Equalities policies can be found in the policies area of this website, and any queries can be directed to our ALNCo, Mr J Ashford.

Provision for students with Additional Learning Needs - ALN

We believe that the most important factor in ensuring academic and personal success is outstanding classroom teaching. We practice a rigorous 'Plan, Assess, Do, Review' approach, which clearly identifies students who require academic or social, emotional and well-being support and interventions. We review the progress of all students with ALN three times a year in collaboration with parents/carers and also external agencies during annual reviews. We are committed to working with all families and the community to support our students. If a student with ALN is not making their expected progress we offer targeted intervention and whole-school initiatives including (but not limited to):

Academic support and interventions

· A variety of reading programmes

· Literacy or numeracy intervention (e.g. 1:1 or small groups)

· Support from Teaching Assistants in lessons

· Homework support

· Nurture clubs

· Nurture classes

· Access to a laptop computer during lessons

· Small teaching groups for English, Maths and Science

Social, emotional and wellbeing support and interventions

· SEBD support

· Small teaching groups

· Counselling

· Behaviour mentoring

· Lunchtime club

Impact of support and interventions

Impact of the additional support and intervention put in place by the School for ALN support students and students with ALN statements is evident in their attainment and the progress students made in English and Maths against similar school and national averages.

Next steps

In the coming academic year Bedwas High School has the following priorities for Special Needs provision:

1. To adapt systems and procedures to comply with the new code of practice

2. To further refine intervention and Special Educational Needs support programmes to improve the progress, attainment and therefore educational outcomes of students

ALN Resources

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