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Who can I speak to


On a day-to-day basis, parents/carers and teachers communicate through the pupil’s individual planner in Year 7 and if required by email, Facebook and Twitter and the feedback form on the website or by phone in Years 8-13. The grid below is intended to help you to identify who is best placed to help you should you need to make contact with the school. 


The wellbeing office or reception will deal with some types of issues, and will contact you if your son/daughter is ill at school and needs to be collected. We also operate a first day response system if your son/daughter is absent and no contact has been made with the school. The amount of wellbeing support is vast and tailored to the individual needs of each child - and can range from mentoring from the wellbeing team to the use of specialist programmes (e.g. Thrive and ELSA) to the involvement of outside agencies.


We hope the table below will enable you to see who to contact should you feel the need to do so. The first port of call in most instances will be the individual pupil’s form tutor or subject teacher. These staff know your child best.


Possible Issue

Who to contact/Role


General Information (e.g. school dinners/cashless catering, lost property...)


Mrs C Lang

Wellbeing issue – from attendance to bullying to pupil welfare for Year 7 – 11 students

Wellbeing – Overall Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Team is led by Mr G Williams (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs A Mertens (Associate Leader)

Wellbeing concerns in Sixth Form will be dealt with by Mrs K Hudson

At Bedwas High School we arrange our wellbeing by ‘Support’ and ‘Challenge’ as follows:

Wellbeing Team – Support


This team provides wellbeing support and intervention for mental health concerns, attendance issues and rewards, family liaison and links and refers to outside/Local Authority agencies who support all the above (e.g. CAMHS, School Counsellor, Thrive, Nurture, ELSA, social services…)

Mrs L Bird is the Wellbeing Support Manager who is aided by Mrs Z Clash (Wellbeing Assistant)

Ms K Loftus provides wellbeing administration


Mr G Williams leads this team

Wellbeing Team – Challenge


This team provides wellbeing support and challenge around behaviour incidents, tracking behaviour points, pupil behaviour reports, Class Charts, rewarding behaviour, dealing with bullying, exclusions …

Mrs S Periam is the Wellbeing Challenge Manager and is supported by Ms B Evans (Wellbeing Assistant)


Mrs A Mertens leads this team with Mr G Williams

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Safeguarding Officers

Lead Safeguarding Officer - Mr G Williams (Assistant Headteacher)

Deputy Safeguarding Officers – Mrs L Bird and Ms B Evans

Day to Day issues related to Free School Meals

Free School Meal Leaders

Mrs L Bird and Mrs S Williams

Additional Learning Needs (including More Able and Talented - MAT)


Leader of Learning for MAT

Mr J Ashford

Mrs E O’Malley

Academic Progress – all matters related to how your child is progressing in school – from homework to feedback after a ‘snapshot’

Standards Managers

Years 7 and 8 – Mrs H Thomas

Years 9 and 10 – Mrs A Mertens

Year 11 – Mr D Morgan

Sixth Form – Mrs K Hudson

The Standards Team is led by Mr T Stancombe (Senior Assistant Headteacher)

Subject Concerns – to do with academic progress in a particular subject

Individual teachers

Faculty leaders

Faculty Leaders

English – Ms L Francis

Expressive Arts – Mrs R Hill and Mrs L Muller

Health and Wellbeing – Mr G Thomas

Humanities – Ms S Foley and Mrs L Roberts

Languages – Mrs J Bowen and Mrs S Davey

Maths, Business and IT – Mr D Bounds

Science – Mr S Dack

Technology and Design – Mr M Powell


Should your query be about the standard of teaching in the faculty then it will be passed to the ‘Leader of Learning’ who works closely with a Head of Faculty.

The Heads of Faculty are led by Mr S. Diehl (Headteacher), Ms Steel (Deputy Headteacher) and Mr T Stancombe (Senior Assistant Headteacher)

Teaching and Learning (including Blended and Remote Learning) concerns

Teaching and Learning

Ms G Steel (Deputy Head) and Mr R Thomas (Associate Leader)

Skills concerns

Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competency

Mr R Thomas (Associate Leader)

Health and Safety concerns

Business Manager

Mrs T Elms


Complaints Officer

Ms G Steel (Deputy Head)

Whole-School issues or any serious matters or concerns that cannot be addressed by other members of staff


Mr S Diehl