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More Able and Talented

The Welsh Assembly Government has adopted the phrase 'More Able and Talented' to describe pupils who 'require opportunities for enrichment and extension that go beyond those provided for the general cohort of pupils'. At Bedwas High School, we provide an enrichment programme to ensure our More Able Bedwas Talented pupils are provided with the support and challenge they need in our school to flourish. 

We use a variety of sources to identify our MAT pupils, including: primary school data, CAT scores, Literacy and Numeracy scores, extra-curricular interests and achievements, and day-to-day teacher feedback.

If your child has been identified as More Able and Talented by their primary school, they will automatically enter our programme. More Able and Talented lists are updated regularly

Your child will be involved in a series of workshops, trips, assemblies and programmes to ensure that he/she maximises his/her potential during their time at Bedwas High School.