Our school uniform is designed to be smart, comfortable, economical and practical. The uniform adds to the ethos of our school and is a means by which students clearly identify with the school. Our uniform and appearance policy was agreed as a result of full consultation with parents, staff, students and Governors.



Appearance Code

In the interests of Health and Safety, pupils must also meet the following requirements. They may wear:

  • One small earring in the lower lobe of each ear only. These must be removed for PE.
  • A watch.
  • One small signet ring (a ring that is flat to the finger)
  • A talisman bracelet or necklace (this indicates health problems/medical problems a student may have).

In order to promote a smart appearance, students are not allowed to wear:-

  • Alternative items to those described in the uniform list.
  • Hats or caps.
  • Any facial piercings. (Any nose piercings must not be visible).
  • False or extended nails. Nail length must be acceptable and safe for both classroom work and P.E. lessons. (Nail colour must be natural or neutral.)
  • Abnormal / unnatural hair colours, e.g. pink/green/blue/red/purple.
  • Extreme hair styles deemed inappropriate by the school e.g. Mohican, patterns cut into the hair, stripes or swirls.
  • Students may not wear ear “tunnels/stretchers”.
  • Hair accessories (slides, bands, ties) may be worn to hold hair in a safe position or style. These should be of a subdued colour to blend with the uniform. Hair beads and other decorative hair accessories are NOT allowed.


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Uniform Policy for September 2022
Please read the new/updated uniform policy, which highlights the uniform changes for this September
 BEDWAS HIGH SCHOOL Uniform and Appearance policy 2022.pdfDownload
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